Autographed Photo

Hand Signed by a


Original Cast Member...


8" x 10" High Quality Photograph

This is Not An Inkjet Print


Plus US S&H


For postage outside the US

please contact me first for prices

with your complete address


Hand Signed


the First SLIMER

Mark Bryan Wilson



Hi Mark, the photos arrived in the post this morning. I am made up with them, they are fantastic!!! Thank you so much, what a nice guy you are. I love the comments you put on them as well, made my day! :-)             Bill H - ENGLAND



Thanks a lot, Mark!  Received the photo today, it looks awesome!!  I am in an Autograph online community -, and have added this success there, so hopefully you will have some more orders soon!!


Thanks again, and have a wonderful weekend :)

Stacy - SD

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